About the academy

Future Skillset is an online academy dedicated to every young person interested to develop their skills and talents to suceed in job market, business or social projects.

We have created the academy thinking about all the young people who are at the beginning of their career development and welcome guidance, new knowledge and up-to-date information about

  • top skills necessary in today's world of work and business
  • job market requirements, tips and tricks
  • how to utilize your talent to start up your own business
  • how to create an impactful social project to save the world.

If you wish to leave us feedback about the Academy, please contact us at info@juc.lv 

Are you ready to embark on a journey discovering your strengths and talents and learning new skills? The Future Skillset academy will guide you in your personal and professional development. It will at the same time equip you with necessary tools to strengthen your profile in the job market and business, as well as provide you with the latest global information on skills requirements in the 21st century.

How does it work?

The academy is based on self-learning, and it includes four courses that you are welcome to surf through. Each course has a reading part, a self-reflection part and a quizz part. Feel free to take any of the courses at any time and in the order you wish. The learning experience in the academy is a great way to start your career journey and learn skills of an enterprenuer, to succeed in the job market or save the world. After completing the academy, do not forget to share your impressions with your friends and classmates. 

  • Course 1 – Skills

In this course you will find out more about the trends in the future of skills. What changes has the technological progress and globalization brought about that influence the future of jobs. Knowing the changes to come, you can be prepared to adapt and stay ahead of the curve.

  • Course 2 – Job market

This course provides guidance on how to land your dream job. Tips and tricks on how to identify and develop skills that will be your competitive advantage in the job market. Practical advice on self-presentation when preparing for your next job: CV, Linkedin, jobs search, interview and more.  

  • Course 3 – Business

This course will inspire you to start developing your own business. Imagine you could become your own boss and even provide employment opportunities for other people? Sounds exciting. But how to really do it in real life? You will get acquainted with global business trends, start-up and freelance world, its opportunities and challenges. You will also learn how to set up your business. We will give you advice about practical tools that can be used to generate a successful business idea.

  • Course 4 – Save the world

This course will take you through a learning journey in the field of social entrepreneurship. Is it possible to save the world through our work? Can I learn to be a changemaker? What is social innovation after all? What does a changemaker need to get started and develop professionally? You will have access to a variety of concepts, ideas, examples and learning resources to help you think (and act!) professionally by creating positive social transformation.

Handbook for youth workers

We have also created a special handbook, dedicated to youth workers to help them in their everyday work with young people. 

Practical steps to acquire future skills - this handbook, available in English and Latvian, contains rady-made classes about future skills, enterepreneurship, job market and non-formal learning.

Future Skillset 2.0

Future Skillset 2.0 is an Erasmus+ programme supported project that aims to inspire, educate and empower the development of personal and professional skills of the furture. The goal of the project is to promote the development of personal skills for young people through a series of activities focusing on (1) personal development by providing young people with the acquisition of a set of personal skills, (2) raising awareness of the need for personal development and its beneficial effects on the quality of life, and (3) promoting the entrepreneurial gene.

The project implementation is based on the strategic partnership where leading partner is the non– governmental organisation New Entrepreneurs Center “Jobs & Society” (Latvia) whose aim is to support entrepreneurship development in Latvia through professional start–up advice to people thinking about starting a business. The project partner is Advancis Business Solutions LTD (Portugal) who consists of a dynamic and diversified group of professionals engaged with the mission to empower people in the fields of Learning and People Management & Leadership.

The Dream Team

Signe Adamoviča

Academy Creator (Latvia)

Līva Stūrmane

Academy Creator (Latvia)

Gints Klāsons

Academy Creator (Latvia)

Isabel Gomes

Academy Creator (Portugal)

Helena Teixeira

Academy Creator (Portugal)